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Virtual/Telehealth Physiotherapy offered in the comfort of your own home

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Virtual/Telehealth Physiotherapy

Due to COVID-19 affecting your ability to access specific services, we would like to provide you with a 1 hour virtual/telehealth physiotherapy assessment with treatment for $120.  

Virtual physiotherapy can:

  • Take a comprehensive history of your area of concern
  • Examine range of motion and functional movements
  • Demonstrate and prescribe exercises and stretches
  • Evaluate and correct exercise form
  • Instruct self joint and muscle mobilization techniques
  • Discuss a self-management plan and progression
  • Education on your injury or condition
  • Help train another person to assist you with exercises and/or stretches

How it works

1) Click here to book your virtual appointment or email us at
2) We will schedule a virtual meeting and send you an invitation to join at a specific time and date.

The first complementary meeting is 1 hour long where we will explain the virtual physiotherapy process. We will ask questions about your area of concern, goals, health history, and other things such as your hobbies to determine how virtual physiotherapy can help you.

3) For your first session, ensure you are in a quiet area with a working video camera and microphone. We prefer that you use your laptop, tablet, or iPad for the first session. Please wear comfortable clothing during this session as you may be required to demonstrate a few movements in front of the camera. Please join the meeting 5 minutes before your appointment time.

4) The physiotherapist may recommend subsequent treatment. Following treatments are offered for a fee of $70 (30 minute session). See our price list for additional services.


You can make pay through our Jane portal, send e-transfers to or pay with a credit card.

We also offer direct billing to most insurance companies for private physiotherapy, motor vehicle accidents and work injuries (WSIB). Please call us if you have questions regarding direct billing.