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Strength and Conditioning

Not all exercise programs work to suit your needs and goals. Our physiotherapists love to exercise and can provide specialized exercise programs suited for your strength and conditioning needs. We are goal-oriented and can modify any and all exercises to fit your activity level, schedule, and include the use of equipment or no equipment at all.

Person performing overhead shoulder press


Get over your Exercise Commitment Phobia

We know what it's like to struggle with maintaining an exercise routine. We're here' to help explain what you can do better and to simplify things. We provide:

  • 1-on-1 guidance with exercises
  • Structured exercise programs
  • Help with planning weekly goals
  • Expertise to help you return to your sport and fitness goals
  • Education on common questions: How often should I work-out? Can I work-out everyday? How intense or how much weight should use during a work-out? When should I take breaks? What should I do to warm-up?

Specialty Equipment

Our brand new clinic has brand new exercise equipment:

  • Heavy duty squat rack
  • Pilates reformer
  • New treadmill
  • New exercise bike
  • Brand new functional trainer
  • Kettle bells
  • Barbells
  • Medicine balls
  • Light to heavy-duty resistance bands and more

Our health care practitioners spend extra time teaching proper exercise technique which enables you to get more out of every session. Call us at (416) 901-1278, email us at or go to the link to book an online appointment.

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