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Concussion Rehab Therapy

Our physiotherapists are trained in providing Concussion Rehab Therapy. This therapy often requires a multidisciplinary approach that involves exercise therapy, education and reassurance, diet and nutritional interventions, vestibular rehab therapy, visual rehabilitation, and manual therapy. We consult with other competent providers (e.g., physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and exercise therapists) in your health-care team and collaborate as needed to help relieve your concussion symptoms.

Visuo-oculomotor testing
Comprehensive assessment and customized treatments
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Focusing on getting you back to your goals

Comprehensive Assessments

Physiotherapists are trained in carrying comprehensive assessments. Assessments can screen for a concussion, conduct a physiotherapy differential diagnosis (e.g., Migraine, Hypoglycemia, or Heat Illness), and screen for signs of more serious pathology (e.g., Traumatic Brain Injury) or conditions that may require referral to a physician or other health care practitioners. Book an appointment today or call us for more information at (416) 901-1278.

Exercise-based Approach Treatment

Treatment planning and exercise prescription support return-to-play and/or return to activity. Exercises in Concussion Rehab Therapy may focus on:

  • Improving static and dynamic balance
  • Improving memory, attention and concentration
  • Improving vestibular symptoms with vestibular rehab therapy
  • Improving visual symptoms with visual rehab exercises
  • Increasing energy levels and endurance
  • Improving pain and headache symptoms