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We understand the need for physiotherapy and massage services to help with your pain and return to activity during these uncertain times. We would like to reassure your safety and security with our Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines in place at our clinic.

For patients who feel they may have COVID-19 signs or symptoms, we offer virtual or tele-rehabilitation options for physiotherapy. Here is a link to learn more about our virtual physiotherapy. Please stay home even if you feel mild symptoms that are out of the ordinary for you.

Here are some of the Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines we have put in place to help you feel safe and secure:

Covid-19 screening via telephone and online

1) COVID-19 Screening

Importantly, for our Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines, we perform screening over the telephone during your booking and active screening on the day of every appointment. We request that you cancel your appointment if you feel unwell or fail the COVID-19 self-assessment screening tool. You can also take the Covid-19 Self-Assessment on the Government of Ontario website to help you determine the right course of action.

COVID-19 Screening Tool:

Covid-19 screening questionnaire

If response to ALL of the screening questions is NO: COVID Screen NEGATIVE

If response to ANY of the screening questions is YES: COVID Screen POSITIVE

For those with COVID Screen Positive results, please contact your family physician or go to your nearest COVID Assessment Centre location for testing.

Take this self-assessment if you believe you may have COVID-19 or have worrying symptoms.

Mandatory masks on site and for in-person appointments

2) Mandatory Masks and PPE available

Masks are mandatory when indoors in Toronto to ensure the safety of everyone in the facility when social distancing is not an option. We change gloves, gowns or other coverings in between clients and wash them appropriately before every use. We have masks and other PPE available onsite.

Hand hygiene stations available

3) Hand Hygiene

Hand wash or hand sanitizer stations are well stocked and easy to find near the entrance and other appropriate areas
and available for both staff and clients. We have signs at entrances, in washrooms, and other areas to promote hand hygiene.

Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of areas

4) Facility and Equipment Hygiene

We frequently clean and disinfect treatment and fitness areas after every use, as well as, common surfaces and areas that are frequently touched. To disinfect or inactivate the COVID-19 virus, we use a bleach solution. Also, we ensure enough time in between clients to properly disinfect all treatment and fitness areas.

Offering contactless payments debit, credit, e-transfers, and jane payments.

5) Physical Distancing, Online Forms and Contactless Payments

It is important when in the clinic to maintain a distance of 2 m (6 ft) when possible. We limit the number of people working in common areas. Prior to your appointment, if possible, we promote paperless forms to be completed at home to reduce time at the clinic. We offer contactless payment in the clinic (debit, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), pre-pay options (Jane Payments), and accept e-transfers.

Please do not bring non-essential visitors such as friends or family members; unless they are there to help with communication or mobility to and from the clinic.

Trained staff

6) Trained Staff

Our staff are knowledgeable on the policies and procedures outlining the preventative measures taken to reduce the risk of exposure and make sure staff and clients are aware of them.

All staff are aware of proper hand hygiene, clinic and equipment hygiene, physical distancing, and cough hygiene etiquette.